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David Girard, PT., CHT.

David has practiced physical therapy for over 27 years and is a Certified Hand Therapist with 23 years of experience in the specialty. David has served the Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valleys for 21 years as a skilled clinician, a leader, and an educator. David’s experiences have included working with and treating people with neurological ailments and individuals with orthopedic conditions by designing and hand making sophisticated, individualized splints, managing complicated fractures, tendon ruptures, digital and hand replantations, and managing and directing several clinics as well as operating his own business.

David’s diverse experience, knowledgeable instruction, and soothing demeanor is reassuring to both the adult and the teen patient, with whom he is particularly accomplished guiding them through an individualized rehabilitation program aimed at future injury prevention.  

David uses his comprehensive insight and observation to help guide current and future generations of therapists. He has done this by mentoring and lecturing extensively in various areas of Hand Therapy such as joint mobilization of the upper extremity, introductory and advanced splinting, introduction to hand therapy courses, and physical agent modalities. David has also contributed to the literature and text books by co-authoring on subjects like the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome.

David Hubert, MOT, OTL, CHT.

David graduated from Saint Francis University in the mountains of Pennsylvania with his Master’s degree of Occupational Therapy at the age of 23. Passionate from the start about the complexity of the hand’s grace, their diversity of skill, and their capacity for power, David has specialized solely on rehabilitating and enhancing the function of the hands and upper limb for the past 14 years. David’s approach is meticulous and unique as he examines the entire upper limb in order to appreciate how these complicated structures function in concert with your complete body while they are carrying, creating, and manipulating. As an occupational therapists, David is focused on functional performance and his patient’s independence whether their injury affects their work, self-care, and/ or leisure. This elbow-deep, hands on approach creates a unique experience for each distinctive person.

David is an expert in joint and soft-tissue mobilization of the upper quadrant. David was the first Astym certified practitioner south of San Francisco and north of Orange County and have been certified for almost 10 years. Since then so many physicians have demanded this approach that other clinics and clinicians have had to follow the trend. David continues to search the research for approaches and perspectives that are effective and direct. As a result David is one of two hand specialists nationwide that have adopted Functional Manual Therapy as their primary treatment philosophy. Many of the most effective manual techniques David uses have been adapted from the techniques that other expert clinicians have used elsewhere in the body with great sucess. David has taken these techniques and applied the fundamentals to the unique anatomy and function of the hand. He has applies this philosophy when designing the unique treatment plans, splinting options, and advice he provides on how to modify activities or work spaces to positively affect each individual’s needs to ensure greater independence.

David’s personal interests beyond the clinic are snowboarding/ skiing, soccer, backpacking/ camping, water sports, travel, wood refinishing/ restoration, and the brewing arts. David capably speaks both English and Spanish. David is also very active professionally as a fieldwork educator for USC Division of Occupational Sciences and Occupational Therapy mentoring the next generation of Hand and Occupational Therapists and helping them gain the skills and perspective to treat intelligently, confidently, and safely.

Hands Plus Physical Therapy is a Full service Physical Therapy clinic serving the Santa Clarita Valley,and surrounding areas, including the San Fernando Valley and Antelope Valley. Hands Plus Physical Therapy offers experienced hand and upper extremity rehabilitation as well as providing care for all your other therapeutic needs. 
Hands Plus provides it's clients with over 41 years of combined experience by Certified Hand Therapists, one of the most respected and exclusive certifications available to physical and occupational therapists. Certified Hand Therapists dedicate their profession to the study of the function and rehabilitation the shoulder girdle, elbow, forearm, wrist, and hand. However, we at Hands Plus believe that "the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts", therefore along with examining and addressing your complaint we further investigate the unique functional origins and repercussions of your injury.
The "Plus" in our name mean that we are more than just your most experienced source of hand and upper extremity rehabilitation, Our Physical Therapists expect the same level of excellence from themselves and are able to manage any other concerns you may have and provide you the comfort that all your needs can be addressed easily by our staff in an smooth, integrated approach centered around you as an individual.​